Recycled Aggregates

Green Build Environmental Ltd recognizes that over the past decade, the bulk of London’s biggest projects have been built on the use of Recycled Aggregates. Not only do they offer a direct alternative to Quarried Stone, but they also offer a substantial cost saving.

We have strategically established fully licensed recycling centres in Essex, Hertfordshire & West London in order to provide a greener and more cost effective solution to our clients working in London & The South East.

The two main processes we use to produce our Recycled Aggregates are:

• Soil Washing
• Dry Screening

If there is a specific material that a client needs, then we can carry out the relevant testing on our aggregate and submit accordingly.

Below are a small selection of the aggregates that we can supply:

• DOT Type 1 Crushed Concrete – fully clause 803 certified
• Type 1 Graded Only
• Type 3 (also referred to as Type 1 X)
• 6F2/6F5
• 6F1/6F3
• 6F4 Tarmac Planings
• 6C, 6I, 6J, 6N, 6H, 6P
• 6G (recycled alternative to gabion stone)
• 4/10mm Shingle
• 10/20mm Shingle
• 20/40mm Shingle
• 4/20mm Shingle
• Reject Sand