Top Soil

Green Build Environmental Ltd prides itself on being able to offer Top Soil to meet any specification that our clients require.

We have the facility to blend Top Soil in full accordance with British Standards in order to create the right chemical and nutrient balance that will enhance growth.

If, however, our clients do not have a spec that needs meeting then we offer two types of Soil as standard on every quote:


This material is free from all deleterious matter and is visually consistent. The Top Soil is blended with As Dug Sand and conforms fully with the latest BS3882 requirements. Our certification can be made available upon request.


Because of the process that our Screened Soil goes through (Dry Screening), it does not come with any supporting certification and is offered purely for the purpose of building levels on site or as a general fill. There are no guarantees that every load will be chemically or physically the same.