Green Build Environmental Ltd Complete Westferry Printworks Remediation

Green Build Environmental Ltd have successfully completed our five month remediation package in Canary Wharf for MACE.

The Westferry Printworks is being developed by Northern & Shell Group, where they will be building over 1,300 apartments, set across 12 blocks.

Our bespoke technology enabled us to reduce the Hazardous waste from 32% of the total 134,000m3 volume, down to 3%. We were able to treat all Hydrocarbon Impacted soils, as well as hand pick all Fragmental Asbestos, prior to removing the Creosote Contaminated Soils.

In addition, we processed in excess of 50,000m3 of Made Ground to provide a range of fill materials, which were reused on site under an MMP.

Once we excavated below 4 metres, we identified Alluvium Clay, which we then subsequently used at our Land Raising works in Kent for the new Amazon Distribution Centre. In total, we utilised 84,000m3 of this material for environmental betterment.