Muck Away

Green Build Environmental Ltd is proud of our comprehensive waste management service, working closely with clients to make sure their programme is always achieved, but their budget is never exceeded.


One of the main reasons our clients return time and time again, particularly on larger and more widespread contaminated projects, is our unique approach to pre tender negotiations.

Upon reviewing the SI, we can offer to commit in guaranteeing, not only the volume of contaminated soil that is to be removed, but the price “per load” that will be fixed throughout the entirety of the project length as well.

This “cock on the block” approach means that all risk is completely removed from our client, and their bid can be submitted on fixed price lump sum terms if required.

Unlike risk averse Muck Away companies, that will always opt to hide behind various soil justifications for increased volumes of Hazardous material being “found” during the project, or “annual tip increase” charges being incurred mid way through the excavation, we fully support the technology that we invest heavily in, and encourage our clients to do so as well.


Our in-house chemist reviews all incoming soil reports to assess not only the initial risk in the ground, but also to identify key cost saving opportunities that our clients can commercially benefit from.


In scenarios where the original soil investigation is not sufficient, whether that be because of frequency or chemical detail, our team of Geo Environmental Engineers will attend site to undertake the additional samples required.


On projects where there are areas of known contamination prior to starting, our team will be on site to assist in designing the most programme sensitive approach to us isolating and removing hotspots, followed by complete validation immediately after our lorries have left.


The QED Rapid Test Analyser software provides accurate and immediate analysis of contaminants such as Hydrocarbons, Coal Tar, Heavy Metals, Chlorinated Solvents, Sulphate, Chloride and many others. This investment allows us to significantly reduce the volume of Hazardous waste that has to be removed from site.


Green Build Environmental Ltd has a 0% to landfill commitment on all of our projects, and so we have partnered with multiple fixed waste treatment facilities across the UK, resulting in 100% of our soil being re-used for restoration, or other environmental betterment works.

All of our disposal sites are exempt from additional landfill tax costs.